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Making a Difference

The Mina Fund is dedicated to permanently improving the lives of disadvantaged children in India by providing opportunities for better education.

“Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. It saves children from being exploited as child labourers and gives them the ability to permanently improve their lives.”—Sarina MacKenzie

Empowerment Through Education

Permanently breaking the cycle of poverty

The Dr. Mina Mackenzie Memorial Trust Fund was founded in the belief that as children are empowered to realize their potential they bloom, thus enriching the world we share. Today, we support an average of 100 children every year, helping them graduate from high school which, in turn, leads to better lives for them and their families.

This fund depends wholly on donations from individuals and organizations to continue the legacy of Dr. Mina MacKenzie. In spite of incredible challenges, as a woman from a poor family born in 1872 in Waterside, Nova Scotia, Dr. Mina graduated with her MD in 1904, and devoted her life to helping the poor and sick of India.

Throughout Dr. Mina’s time in India, her work in medicine and education was supported by many people and groups. After 35 years of service, Dr. Mina retired to Pictou, Nova Scotia where she set up a hospital in her home and dedicated herself to caring for those in rural areas. Her compassion, love and commitment for the disadvantaged continues through the work of the Dr. Mina MacKenzie Memorial Trust Fund and its support of schools, orphanages, an AIDS Hospice, and the hospital that Dr. Mina founded in India.

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For the past 30 years, we have been quietly touching the lives of a growing number of young people and their families. By providing opportunities for education, we are giving children a chance for a better tomorrow, while lightening the burden of today.

A dollar goes a long way in India and enables us to profoundly change the lives of those we serve. What does it cost to make such a powerful difference in young lives? A child’s school expenses in India can be covered for a month for the price of just one night at the movies.

The Mina Fund measures the bottom line not by dollars earned, but by the number of lives changed and the positive social and environmental impact made. We hope you share our excitement, and our vision of a more just and equitable society in which children can look forward to a prosperous, fulfilling life. 

Your compassion and generosity ensures our continuing success in this life-changing work, one child at a time.

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William and Sarina Bayer visit Ebenezer Orphanage Home, Dimapur, Nagaland, India