Our Team

In 1990, Sarina and William Bayer established The Dr. Mina MacKenzie Memorial Trust (The Mina Fund). As one of Dr. Mina’s adopted daughters, Sarina wanted to continue Dr. Mina’s legacy.

Sarina and William guided fund activities based on the belief that, as children are empowered to realize their potential, they bloom and enrich the world we all share. For almost 25 years, Sarina and William both devoted considerable time and energy raising funds to support Mina Fund activities. When William died in early 2011, Sarina continued to operate the fund, with the help of her sons.

Bill and Donna

At the beginning of 2015, Sarina passed the torch to her son Bill Bayer and niece Donna MacKenzie. As the next generation of Dr. Mina's descendants, Bill and Donna believe that the principles the Fund was founded on are just as necessary today.

wilhelm and sarina bayer

Mina Fund founders Sarina and William Bayer