Success Story: Manjula

Losing a parent is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a child. But for Manjula Immanuel, tragedy struck twice.

When very young, Manjula lost her mother to blood cancer. Then at age five, her father was killed by an unknown person. Manjula’s grandmother sent her to the Christian Girls Hostel in Ratlam, where she began her school classes at age 8.

Rather than being crushed by her losses at such a young age, Manjula got the support she needed from the Mina Fund, and flourished. From the start, Manjula was a brilliant student. She attained high marks in every class, was very good at games and enjoyed singing.

Described as a loving, creative and playful child and teen, Manjula developed into a kind and caring young woman, with a sincere concern for others.

Manjula completed grade 12 with honors, then went to Ujjain to earn her B.Sc. Nursing degree. Following completion of her training, Manjula was hired as a tutor at the same nursing college she graduated from.

Warden Meenakshi David, who Manjula thinks of as her adoptive mother, says Manjula visits at least twice a month. Manjula counts Meenakshi’s nephews and niece and the other hostel children as her brothers and sisters.

Manjula says ”Mina Fund sponsorship provided the support and encouraged me in every step to grow, develop a positive outlook, discipline, and the drive to succeed. I’m grateful for the lasting friendships I’ve developed, and look forward to the challenges my future holds!”

Manjula is a wonderful example of how the Mina Fund’s support of empowerment through education can help children to overcome even the worst adversity.