Success Story: Pyarelal

Tuberculosis Is Cured

Pyarelal worried when he coughed up blood and sought medical help. He eventually tested positive for Tuberculosis, but after his initial treatment, his condition worsened. His crying wife called Broadwell Christian Hospital's Community Health Team and asked for help.

Key to successfully treating TB is consistency in taking medication throughout the six months course of treatment. If the medicine is not taken consistently or not taken to completion, TB will return—and often then be drug resistant.

By the time the Community Health Team visited Pyarelal, he was wasting away and his family had lost all hope. The staff counselled the family about the importance of taking the medications consistently.

After several visits the Community Health Team noticed the family was struggling financially from the cost of medical care. Broadwell Christian Hospital staff contributed enough money to purchase a month's worth of food for the family.

After two months of continued visits, the team could see improvement. Pyarelal was eating more and gaining strength. First he was able to sit up by himself in bed, then walk around using a stick, and eventually his mental outlook improved as well.

At the completion of his six months of treatment, Pyarelal was given a clean bill of health. He now goes off daily to sell vegetables in the market to support his family.

Support from Mina Fund donors and continuous care of the Community Health Team improved the life of this man and his family.