Success Story: Regan

As a child, an orphan boy named Regan suffered from rheumatic fever, which caused swelling and serious damage to his heart valves. By age 16, Regan was suffering from fatigue, chest pain and difficulty breathing.

With support from a Mina Fund sponsor, Regan and an attendant were sent from Ratlam to the Sai Baba Hospital in Bangalore, where surgery was performed to repair the damage to his heart. Following this successful surgery, Regan’s health greatly improved.

At age 18, Regan finished grade 12 and went on to attend technical school. After completing his training, Regan was hired as an electrician by a company in Ratlam.To show his gratitude for the support of his sponsors, Regan decided to perform all electrical work required by the Ratlam Boys Christian Hostel, with no charges for his labour.

Regan developed close friendships with the children he grew up with and still keeps in touch with them today.In 2010, Sarina and William Bayer spoke with Regan during their visit to Ratlam. Regan has a very positive outlook on life and he credits much of his success to support provided by his sponsors through the Mina Fund.